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Decimals and Place Value

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Place value tells us the mathematical value one digit of a number has to another digit of that number.

Larger Place Values are digits to the left of any digit:

Arrow shows direction of greater place value.




Hundreds position number (100 × unit position)

Tens position number (10 × unit position)

Unit position number (1 × unit position value)

Moving left each place value position is 10 times greater the position to its right.
Moving right each place value position is 10 times less the position to its left.
Without a decimal a number can never be less than 1 and have value.

Smaller Place Values are digits to the right of any digit:

Arrow showing direction place value is decreasing.


Tenths position (2/10)

Hundredths position (8/100)

Thousandths position (6/1,000)

Together, having place value and decimals, numbers can be as large or small as needed.


Larger place value direction arrow.


Smaller place value direction arrow.


ten million position

(10,000,000 times unit position)

ten millionths position


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